About this website:
Built as a project itself, this website is a launchpad for various experiments and remains a work continually in progress. It uses PHP and MySQL. This website also serves as a resource for my viola and violin students, as well as other musicians.
Thanks to Ludwig van Beethoven for the symphonies that often play in the background during website development days, to my family for their unfailing moral and chocolate support, and to you for visiting.
About me:
I am a musician and a computer programmer by trade, with degrees in performance and computer science. Shortly after my undergraduate studies, I discovered the joy of teaching; life hasn't been the same since. On reflection, this joy has always been shown to me by my piano and viola teachers.
My hometown is Winnipeg, Canada, where the average temperature is 26C/79F during summer and where car engine coolant (or oil) is kept warm via extension cord during winter. Winnie-the-Pooh's name was inspired in part by Winnipeg.
More: Formal bio
Email: MyraYeungOnline@gmail.com


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